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Join our new KPMG-powered Enactus TECH4GOOD Challenge !

Enactus and KPMG are very excited to present this Challenge to you !

This Challenge calls on student teams to use the power of new technologies to create a positive impact on people, planet and prosperity.

What is Tech4Good?

There is no doubt that technology has transformed the world. Often for the better. Technology helps us to stay connected in challenging times with the pandemic. Technology allows for turning waste into new products. While it has provided solutions to many issues that we face, its adoption and implementation has not always resulted in a net positive for the world.

Tech4Good is about exploring ways of leveraging technology to make a positive difference in our societies. It takes people and planet as a starting point. It approaches the use of technology within a greater ecosystem, considering how it will be used, by whom, and whether there are potential side effects.

The challenge

Our TECH4Good Challenge wants to mobilize student teams to use the power of new technologies to create a positive impact on people, planet and prosperity – with a particular focus on the environment, health and education.

You will hear from KPMG experts about real life examples and, together with your team, will brainstorm on issues you want to tackle. You will be able to participate in a bootcamp, an ideation sprint – guided by professional coaches and experts – and develop creative solutions that you pitch to a jury of experts on 18 May 2022 during our Enactus Belgium Expo event.

The Prize

The winning team will receive a 1000€ prize from KPMG to invest in making their solution come true. The team that finishes second will receive 500€.

• Winner = 1000€
• Runner-up = 500€


Tech4Good Examples :

Curious about how technology can be used for good? Check out these inspiring examples:

    • ‘Intelligent’ packaging telling consumers whether their food is still good to eat – thus reducing food waste at home.
    • Apps that improve the shopping experience of consumers with challenged eyesight through automated guidance.
    • Turning waste from water purification processes into fuel.
    • Online platforms bringing migrant job seekers and job-providing employers together through smart matching.

The Tech4Good partners

KPMG firmly believes in the importance of investing in sustainable business practices and using the right technology to make an impact. Through this challenge, our aim is to share our expertise, embrace our role as educators and give students the opportunity to use technology to find new and creative ways to address Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues.

Enactus is dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. The Enactus network of global business, academic and student leaders are unified by our vision—to create a better, more sustainable world. We recognize that technology can play a significant role in making this happen. We are excited to launch this Tech4Good challenge as it allows students to experience leveraging technology to make a positive difference in society.

Make an impact and register today

Are you ready to contribute to a sustainable future while developing your skills and talents? Are you eager to take action and excited to learn about how technology can help?

Register today to participate in the challenge, or ask your questions.

Register here : Link to the application form

I would like to ask a question or receive more info : Belgium@enactus.org