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Enactus Belgium’s mission is to engage the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders to use innovation and business principles to improve the world.  

In October 2018 we started with two Enactus student teams and seven students, and this number has steadily grown in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years to 10 teams and around 70 students. We have established programs with 10 universities and university colleges across Belgium and are developing others as we speak. At Enactus Belgium, we believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all. 


The Enactus Ghent team was founded in October 2018. The current president is Nienke Dhondt. Team Ghent’s first project – Saveur – is all about providing a more sustainable alternative for soft drinks. By only selling the cordial, there is no need to add and pack tap water, reducing packaging and waste. Enactus Ghent won the first prize at the 2019 and 2020 Enactus Belgium National Expo’s, attended the Enactus World Cup 2019 in San Jose and represented our country (virtually at the 2021 Enactus World Cup as Enactus Belgium National Champion. Currently they are starting up a second project aiming at the upcycling of spent coffee grounds and supporting local artists.

Do you want to join this vibrant group?

Contact: nienkedhont@gmail.com 

ku leuven

The Enactus KU Leuven team – led by Johannes van der Poel – started in October 2019 with the project LoopBox, aimed at reducing one-way packaging and offering re-usable boxes for take-away meals. While originally wanting to develop its own packaging, the team is then focused on using existing packaging material – and developed its ideas around useful logistical and business models. 

This year, the team has developed a new project, Waffly. These delicious Waffles made with local ingredients and a lot of love, will give you the energy to take entrepeneurial action.

Feel like joining this growing team?

Contact: johannes.vanderpoel@student.kuleuven.be    


Having started in October 2019, the Enactus UHasselt team is inspired by the slogan “Dedicated to making a difference”. It is currently led by Mukoh Lovet and currently runs a project called “Food Saviour”. This is a food rescue program reusing food that would otherwise go to waste and turning it into healthy meals. These are distributed to people heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular international students and refugees. By doing so, the project also minimizes the wastage of surplus food, a trending problem in urgent need of tackling

Do you want to work with this enthusiastic multi-nationality team?

Contact: fon.mukohlovet@student.uhasselt.be 


The Enactus UAntwerpen team is led by Lien De Schepper and started in January 2019. The team ran a project to find a low-cost solution to reduce terrible pain women in many developing countries suffer when they give birth to their newborns. The team took a courageous decision to discontinue their highly complex endeavour. They will present a brand new project at the 2021 National Expo.   

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Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Encatus VUB team is led by Mindaugas Kandroska and started in September 2020. At this point in time, two projects are under way. The first project focuses on creating coffee body scrubs while, reusing coffee grounds gathered from HORECA parties. By recycling coffee grounds we are helping to reduce and manage waste. Another project concerns itself with waste disposal and recycling. The idea is to take out and recycle mattresses materials like springs, foam, latex, cotton.  Our Brussels team consists of international people and it makes us adaptable to any challenges.   

Contact: mkandrosk@gmail.com


The Enactus Liège team led by Adin Gojak started in October 2020 and has two projects (delete ‘in mind’). The first project focuses on possible ways to reduce food waste by collecting unsold food products and transforming these into valuable products such as soap or meals. The other project aims at digital pollution and how to find alternatives that have a lower carbon footprint, especially as a result of emails. One way or another, the main goal of both projects is to positively impact the society by changing its habits towards a more sustainable world.

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Thomas More Kempen

The Enactus Thomas More Kempen team led by Ward Beyens started in September 2019, launching two projects, one focusing on giving a new life to old buildings – ICEWire, and the other on healthcare -Happy2be. When Corona hit in March 2020, the first project team decided to change course and developed an online platform featuring films on fun DIY activities to do in confinement – wanting over time to target lonely people. Happy2be worked on an app offering peer to peer support for people in burn-out. The team is currently deciding its priorities going forward.


Thomas More Mechelen 

The Enactus Thomas More Mechelen team -led by Joeri Ladang- started in May 2019 and runs a project called REPAPER, which aims to reduce paper waste and promote the circular economy, while also supporting inclusion. The plan is to collect used paper at the campus as a first step and in the future also other sites in Mechelen – and use this to create notebooks – working with people with a handicap. After a small pause, the team now wants to get going again, and is looking for new team members to join the REPAPER project.. This team won the pitch competition during the 2019 Enactus Belgium National Expo and was also part of the Belgian delegation at the 2019 Enactus World Cup.

Contact: fmannaerts@enactus.org

Erasmushogeschool Brussel

The newest Enactus team, Enactus EhB, is formed by a group of enthousiastic communications specialists with a vision for a better world. With their Enactus presentation ever, they managed to get into the finals of the ideas pitch competition and were lauded by the jury for their pitching skills and a daring vision. More to come!

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