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National Expo 2020

Did you miss our virtual national showcase of student teams and their social entrepreneurial action at the Enactus Belgium National Expo on 6 & 7 July 2020? You can still check out the program and broadcasts here!

Once a year Enactus Belgium organizes a National Expo, where all Enactus teams from across Belgium get together, share their progress, and compete for the title of National Champion. Just like  in  real  business,  we  believe  that  competition  helps to  bring out the best – in people, innovation, and results. 1  national  champion  team  from  each  of  the  37  countries  gets to represent its country at the Enactus World Cup that takes place each year in another country, together with over 3000 other students from around the world. 


In a year that humanity needs our action more than ever, this year’s special online event will bring together business, student and academic leaders from across the country, Enactus student teams share their progress and compete for the title of National Champion. We celebrate our growing community of social and entrepreneurial innovators. And we inspire NextGen leadership, united we are in our commitment to a better future. In the past year, Enactus Belgium student teams have developed their projects and skills. They identified societal challenges to work on, conducted needs assessments, and developed solutions.  And above all, they have shown resilience and resourcefulness in dealing with challenges.