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Ideation Sprint on Water Challenges

Ideation Sprint - tackling pressing water issues

Discovering what it’s like to create ideas with a positive impact? Jumping into action on one of today’s hot topics? That’s exactly what students did during the Ideation Sprint on water challenges. 

As part of this Sprint, taking place between April 1st and 16th of May, student teams took a deep dive into water challenges and generated great ideas during fun and facilitated brainstorming sessions. During the Sprint they were supported by the expertise from water-link and Enactus. To conclude the Sprint, the students presented their pitch during the National Expo. And guess what? The Water Sustainability students of the University of Antwerp won the Pitch competition! More to follow. 

Digital water-meter

One of water-link’s newest innovations – the digital watermeter –  can potentially  be the foundation for new ideas. With the digital watermeter, the company and the users get more insight into their water usage, also it can detect leakage and 18% of users says the meter reduces their water consumption because of direct feedback. Summarized, people don’t have to manually record their waterusage, costumers have more insight into their consumption and through leakage detection, people are protected from water damage.


The team of UAntwerpen Master Water Sustainability has generated the idea to do something with the vast amount of data available: an app for customers in order to receive immediate feedback on their water consumption and with tips to lessen their consumption.

Do you want to work with the data of the digital water meter to find innovative solutions to current water problems?

Take a look at the results of the Ideation Sprint