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Tips & Tricks Sessions

How to prepare for successful online interviews with kpmg

6 july 2020 @ 10.30 – 11.15 and 11.30-12.15

You’ve been invited for an interview. It’s that job, or that internship, you really want – but it’s online and that stresses you out. No worries! Sign up for this session with KPMG recruitment specialists Laure and Valentine for tips and tricks on how prepare and do well! 

This session is open to all students and recent graduates – but registration is required. The sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams and have a maximum of 15 participants per session.

Laure Roesems, Recruitment and Sourcing Officer at KPMG Belgium 

Valentine Ovelacq, Recruitment and Sourcing Officer at KPMG Belgium___



effective personal branding with Ormit

6 july 2020 @ 12 – 12.45

Do you freeze when people ask you what you want to achieve and what your talents are? Do you know what your impression on others is? Look no further – here’s your chance! Sign up for a 45-minute virtual interactive learning session with Catherine from Ormit and find out how to be a master at personal branding.

Catherine Brems, Head of Recruitment & Communication at Ormit Belgium


6 JULY 2020 @ 12.15 – 13

With social media today, it almost feels like going online is like going to war. You TikTok from one medium to the other, and before you know it, you’re going viral… as a meme! Or do you come prepared? This 45-minute social media bootcamp teaches you all you really need to know about content creation, fandom and social media algorithms. A hands-on training that goes beyond sharing photos of your lunch, or at least makes sure that somebody asks you about the recipe if you do it anyway!

This session will be with Lien Robberechts, Digital Content Creator, at Tobania